We Practice What We Value

Holistic Approaches: Our community health and well-being is tied to our natural, economic, civic and social capital. We pursue strategies that build, enhance and integrate these forms of wealth.

Collective Action: Solutions to our most vexing challenges require contributions from all parts of our communities. We seek to create environments for effective cross sector collaboration, meaningful engagement of community members and getting positive results.

Inclusion & Belonging: Despite all our digital connectedness, many community members are isolated and excluded. We foster communities that support our deepest longing for inclusion and sense of belonging.

Fairness: Inequitable distribution of our fundamental assets—education, housing, jobs, clean environment and transportation—is the great challenge of all communities. We strive for fair and socially just communities.

Dialogue: Meaningful change requires humility and a spirit of inquiry. Authentic dialogue honors different ways of knowing — leveraging experiences, data and stories. We help groups use dialogue to build trust, overcome divisive rhetoric and act together for the Common Good.

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