Our network brings a unique blend of inquiry, expertise and innovation to how cross-sector collaboratives, community-driven partnerships and coalitions work together to create change. We engage in shared learning to develop approaches that best fit our client’s context, values and aspirations. And we contribute to this exchange a broad range of knowledge on the history, frameworks and strategies supporting community health, conservation, economic development and quality of life goals.

Our process and content expertise can be leveraged through the following services:

Coach & Consult on Change Processes

We help collaboratives, from local to national level partnerships and coalitions, create and sustain desired change by:

  • • Designing and facilitating collaborative change processes
  • • Evolving effective governance and backbone support structures
  • • Providing useful tools and data visualization access for decision support and continuous improvement

We don’t present ourselves as experts with all the answers or give top-down recommendations. We use effective strategies to help groups tune in to and focus in on the wisdom that is present within their respective community, co-creating change processes that work for their unique context.

Train & Build Capacity

We design and deliver engaging trainings, keynotes and presentations on a diverse set of topics.

  • • Coalition development
  • • Sustainability
  • • Leading practices for community change
  • • Policy development
  • • System and environmental change strategies
  • • Facilitative leadership
  • • Coaching and mentoring skills
  • • Using data and storytelling to drive change

Each of our workshops and presentations are carefully tailored to serve the desired outcomes of the respective group and audience need. They are always designed to highlight local expertise and be both interactive and generative.

Facilitate Learning Events & Learning Networks

We design and guide events to help networks learn better together through:

  • • In-person engagement such as Action Institutes, Community Summits, and Learning Collaboratives
  • • Connecting networks of communities and organizations in peer learning and coaching (both face-2-face and virtual modes)

Innovate New Approaches

We collectively create and test new ways of achieving community change by helping:

  • • Incubate new ideas and supporting pilot concepts
  • • Partnering with others on projects that require developing and testing new ideas

Grow The Movement

We strengthen the many different facets of the healthy and sustainable communities movement by:

  • • Curating ideas and connecting change makers and thought leaders on a powerful platform
  • • Supporting national campaigns through dialogue guides and story development
  • • Nurturing the emergence of local and regional networks of organizations seeking opportunities for collaborative work and collective impact.

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