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Over the years, CI team members have had the opportunity to work and learn together with a wide range of communities, people and organizations. It is our pleasure to share some of our insights and observations in the the tools and publications below. We hope that they may be helpful to others working to advance the health, well-being and sustainability of their community.


  • Northeast Denver Food Systems Assessment Report and Findings

    Drew O’Connor co-authored this comprehensive look at the food system in Northeast Denver. The document highlights the findings of the resident researchers and provides six conclusions designed to help the neighborhood understand the common challenge and a shared set of goals to create change.

  • Our Natural Legacy: A Plan for Columbia and Boone County

    As a member of the Green Infrastructure Network Design Team, Roger Still co-designed a Natural Legacy Plan for Columbia and Boone County, MO. The plan charts a course for ensuring that the natural legacy continues to enhance the environmental, social, and economic well-being of the county.

  • Place-Based Practices Shape the Healthy Communities Movement

    In celebration of the National Civic Review’s Special Issue: 25 Years of Healthy Communities, Monte Roulier contributed this article exploring how place-based strategies shape the Healthy Communities Movement.

  • Supporting Community Data Engagement- An NCVHS Roundtable

    Community Initiatives facilitated the October 2014 Roundtable on Community Data Engagement. This summary provides insights from the national gathering, including several possible strategies to increase collective impact for improving health and achieving health equity on a national scale.

  • Cultivating Communities of Practice for Community and Public Health Professionals

    With the support of the CDC, CI team member Joey Vrazel created a guide for sharing, accelerating, and managing knowledge for community and public health professionals. The guide introduces key concepts of Knowledge Management and Communities of Practice (CoP), provides a framework for planning and implementing CoP, and outlines strategies and provides tools for documenting, disseminating, and sharing information.

  • Managing Change & Leading Through Transitions

    This guide, created by Joey Vrazel, provides practical information for community and public health practitioners managing change and transition. The guides serves as a resource to review core concepts of change, highlight common types of change, and provide practical strategies for transition through these situations.

  • Healthier Communities in Urban America

    This YMCA sponsored publication identifies characteristics, opportunities and challenges unique to urban communities. The report includes a look at factors that affect the work of Healthier Communities in urban settings, a discussion of how the seven leading practices relate to Healthier Communities’ efforts urban communities, and observations and suggestions for further inquiry.

  • Pioneering Healthier Communities: Lessons & Leading Practices

    Monte Roulier and Chris Paterson had the opportunity to collaborate with the YMCA to uncover emerging leading practices from the Pioneering Healthy Communities (PHC) initiative. The report includes the national public health crisis facing American communities today, reviews the history of how the YMCA has responded to that challenge, and details the leading practices PHC teams have discovered as the most effective approaches to their work.

  • Of, By, and For- Realizing the Catalytic Potential of Community-Centered Indicators

    Chris Paterson co-authored this article exploring community- centered indicators. This paper examines the context in which indicators are effectively used, the nature of communities that learn and the authors’ thesis that the authentic value of community measures rests in their being of, by, and for the people whose world they ideally reflect.



  • Leading and Sustaining Place-Based Healthier Community Efforts

    Community Initiatives developed this self-assessment tool to provide individuals and partners of local healthier community coalitions an opportunity to (1) understand the coalition’s current capacity and effectiveness and (2) identify some key ways to improve the coalition’s long-term effectiveness and sustainability.

  • The Weight of the Nation For Kids

    Community Initiatives, Kaiser Permanente, the Community Commons, and HBO teamed up a second time to create a Screening to Action: Quickstart Guide to addresses childhood obesity and its causes. The tools in this guide will help you host a screening event for the three-part film series The Weight of the Nation for Kids.

  • The Weight of the Nation

    Community Initiatives, Kaiser Permanente, Community Commons and HBO created this Screening to Action: Quickstart Guide to spark action to address obesity and its root causes. This guide contains the information you need to plan and host a Screen to Action event.

  • National Recreation and Parks Association Park Equity and Access Dialogue Guide

    This tool is designed to help local parks and recreation agencies play a leadership role in bringing together diverse groups working toward creating healthy, vibrant communities through improving community parks and recreational systems.

  • Trail Systems and Healthy Communities Dialogue Guide

    Creating or improving local trail systems can improve the health of a community. This guide helps local parks and recreation agencies play a leadership role in convening diverse groups interested in creating or improving a local trail system.

  • Joint Use Dialogue Guide

    Joint use agreements can be an important strategy for creating a healthy community. This tool is designed to help local parks and recreation organizations lead a discussion among diverse stakeholders to address the potential of a joint use agreement.

  • The Built Environment Dialogue Guide

    This tool is designed to help local parks and recreation organizations lead a discussion among diverse team of community leaders and stakeholders to address creating a healthy community by improving the built environment.


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